Teenagers and Stress


Both stress and depression are a common issue among teenagers. Frequently accompanied by anxiety, these two conditions have been found to affect as much as 39 percent of teenagers.

In the transition to adulthood, teenagers experience many changes. When being exposed to a wide variety of new situations, it’s easy for young people to get disoriented by stress, anxiety, and depression. Young people are simply more vulnerable to stress and anxiety. They are constantly surrounded by stressors brought on by increasing responsibilities and the demanding schedule that a teen social life requires.

Teenage stresses arise mainly from home, family, and school. Young people have a hard time adapting to new schools and neighborhoods, or even a new budget that must be kept at home. Teens take their relationships to heart and are often overwhelmed by trouble with peers, siblings, or parents.

Family problems, such as divorce and infidelity, can put a huge strain on teenagers. Arguments between parents and family conflict, in general, can result in stress, anxiety, insecurity, and depression.

Teenagers deal with depression in different ways. Some negative ways include drinking and smoking, and some positive ways include unwinding and relaxing with friends.

Teens exposed to stressors on a regular basis can greatly benefit from psychotherapy. Therapy allows teens to talk out their problems and receive guidance from an adult who has no expectations of them. They are much more likely to follow the advice of these individuals.

Addressing stress in teens is important, as it is this critical stage when they develop habits that they will carry into adulthood. As an adult individual’s ways are somewhat set, making it a lot harder to get rid of bad habits.

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