Stress-Related Back Pain Relief


Most doctors will tell you that the effects of stress and anxiety cause at least 80 percent of back pain in adults. There is a high concentration of nerves located in our spine, which makes it logical for back pain to be associated with our nerves or nervousness.

Back pain also originates due to muscle tension that is also brought on by stress. As cortisol levels in the body increase when a stressor strikes, blood pressure increases and vessels constrict, generating a feeling of fatigue and stiffness in the muscles.

The lower back is home to the kidneys, which in the presence of stressors process a surplus of toxins and hormones, which overwork and tire the organs. This causes the kidneys to underperform in their purifying capacities, which causes waste levels in the body to increase. In turn, energy is consumed at a faster rate.

Some natural cures for back pain brought on by stress include:

Drinking  lots of water:

Water is an important medium for nutrients to be carried into the bloodstream and waste to be carried out of the body. Dehydration is another effect of stress, which can be counteracted by increasing your consumption of water.

Eliminating trans fats:

Bad fats will not only create blockages in your arteries and make you more prone to clotting and heart disease, they also tend to accumulate around the spine, causing the spinal disc to degenerate.

Taking calcium and magnesium supplements:

Calcium and magnesium play an important role in maintaining healthy circulation, immunity, and cell regeneration. These minerals become depleted in the presence of stress.


A message will address the pain brought on by stress-related back pain immediately. Massaging painful areas improves circulation and relaxes the muscles that become tense when we are anxious.

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