Solution To Stress Is A Unique Video Collection Of Asanas, Pranayamas and Meditations Hand Picked By Our Experienced Yoga Trainer, Mr. Anindya Das.

“SOLUTION TO STRESS ” is the most unique video collection of Asanas, Pranayamas and Meditations especially handpicked by our experienced yoga trainer, Mr. Anindya Das. 

  • This program will give you the tools to prevent the onset of Stress if you are healthy.
  • In prestress or the initial stage, this program will help you to manage and prevent escalation of the disease and its side effects which, in extreme cases can be fatal.
  • Each yoga posture detailed in this program has specific effects on the body structure and function of the body’s diverse organs. By putting pressure on the organs the poses massage and help to tone them. Adopting a series of postures and flowing between them improve blood circulation and lung activity, detoxifying the body and boosting immune response. The body becomes stronger and gets rid of tension. The holistic approach of yoga/meditation considers true health to be far beyond the standard medical definition of “absence of disease”. Real health encompasses a state of supreme well being and vitality on the physical, mental and spiritual levels.


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