Music’s Stress-Relieving Qualities


Everyone loves music. It’s a form of expression that can alter your mood and improve your health in various ways. While there are specific treatments that you can have done with music therapy, you can still use music in your everyday life as a way to energize, enhance your mood, and relieve stress.

There are many ways in which you can incorporate music into your day. For example, if you have a long commute in the car, bus, or train, listen to some music to distract your mind from any stressors that are associated with the place that you’re going.

Another option is to wake up to music that is upbeat yet relaxing, in order to establish a positive, energetic mood for the beginning of the day.

Music can also be useful in enhancing your productivity while cleaning. After a busy day, cleaning and organizing is the last thing you want to do. But the truth is, you still long for a calm environment that makes you feel like you can relax in it.

If you put some upbeat music on, like country-blues or a funky hip-hop, the tune will inspire your energy and enthusiasm. It’s a lot easier to do laundry or dishes while listening to music, as it distracts your mind from the task. Songs with lyrics that you are familiar with are a great way to get absorbed by the music and let your autopilot take care of the cleaning.

When it comes to picking stress-relieving music, the only rule of thumb is following your own personal taste. There is music that will calm your heartbeat and breathing and ease a feeling of comfort. In general terms, most people prefer instrumentals without lyrics, which don’t distract the mind but soothe it.

Music genres like classical, Celtic, and renaissance, as well as the sound of the ocean, water, or wind are known to offer outstanding results in achieving relaxation and melting away stress.

Nevertheless, you’ll find that music that calms and relaxes you doesn’t do the same to someone else. Explore your music interests and incorporate them into your life as a positive way to relieve stress.

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