Manage Your Stress and Improve Your Lifestyle

Having a healthy, balanced lifestyle is the best preparation for sudden or unexpected stress. Setting aside time to relax and enjoy yourself is as essential to your health as eating.

Make time for yourself:

Make sure that you always set aside a small part of your day to have fun, reflect, or simply relax. Unwinding for a short amount of time each day recharges your energy and clears your mind, creating a cushion for any responsibilities you may have to face.

Laugh and have fun:

Whether you enjoy golf, painting, playing an instrument, or taking care of your car, having fun is a surefire way to combat stress and maintain a happy, young soul. Did you know that laughter is the most powerful stress reliever of them all?

Stay in touch:

It’s important to have someone to talk to, laugh with, or simply relax with. You should be able to relate to this person and have his or her support. Keep in contact with friends and be open to meeting new people. Being part of a positive social circle can be a huge confidence-booster that enhances your ability to cope with stress.

Eat healthily:

We all know that diet significantly affects our health and predisposition to disease. There are many foods that will stress your body as opposed to nourishing it. These include dairy products, white flour, sugar, caffeine, animal fats, red meats, and fried and spicy foods. A diet high in protein and fiber and low in fat is known to offer improved mood and abetter stress response overall.

Exercise regularly: Exercise not only reduces stress, but it also helps prevent it. Doing 20 minutes of exercise a day enhances mood, decreases irritability and depression, and improves all body functions. Regular aerobic exercise also strengthens your heart and prepares you for the detrimental effects of stress on the cardiovascular system.

Get plenty of sleep: If you have trouble sleeping, try natural remedies such as chamomile or lavender oil. Getting at least eight hours of sleep every night will aid in coping with stress, as it catalyzes your body’s recovery of its effects.

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