There are times in life when bad things happen to us. We are bound to be completely shattered but yet we are always hoping.  Hoping that everything gets better.  we are sadly always thinking about it digging up the reasons behind it and how much ever we try to move on, we just can’t. No matter what others tell us we are always still stuck in the emotional drama.

Since stress is such a recurring condition throughout the course of our lives, it’s very important to distinguish between problems with a solution and things that are out of your control.

Many sources of stress, such as financial problems arising from an economic crisis or the passing of a relative, are stressors that you cannot change.

During times of stress, our minds are confused and our decision-making abilities are impaired. This can make it hard to evaluate the components of our stress and ultimately accept a situation as it is. Nevertheless, despite the obstacles that anxiety and stress put in our way, it is possible to find peace in acceptance. Over time, this is a much better alternative than fighting against an inevitable conclusion.

Many people find themselves in a state of anxiety following major disappointment. Whether it’s due to issues with loved ones, experiencing infidelity, or losing an important friendship, these are situations that put people under a high level of stress. To minimize the occurrence and effects of stress and anxiety, try to find peace by forgiving the wrongdoer.

Forgiveness can be hard to find within us when we are sad or angry, but it’s the best way to find closure and move on. People make mistakes all the time in this less-than-perfect world. Accept this fact and offer your forgiveness. It’s a purifying act of love that is more than worth the emotional effort.

If things don’t go your way, it’s perfectly normal to be upset. Dwelling on the issue, however, isn’t healthy. When being upset is inevitable, try to identify any positive aspects of the situation gone wrong.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it is that the “everything happens for a reason” perspective is very helpful in managing anxiety, stress, and irritability. If you can find the positive side of any situation, whenever you don’t succeed it’ll be easier for you to handle the letdown.


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