If I told you what you eat can have a massive effect on the way you feel, you would be surprised. Research has shown that our eating habits affect our feelings and behavior in many ways. In fact, if we eat good to feel good, then we can become the masters of our own happiness. 

I  have learned it from my personal experience that we never give any importance to the things that we put into our mouth.

Most of the time we are eating for mere survival needs.  We hardly look into the details of what is kept in front of us on our plates.

When you start eating healthy you are judged by many people.

People usually think that either you’re into fitness or the doctor hs enlisted the food items for you.

But what if I told you a different thing?

If I told you to choose one food that makes you happy

But mind you, it cannot be your favorite junk food or your all-time ready made snack that is super easy to make.

Then what would it be?

It’s sad that we do not realize the importance of eating happy instead of eating healthy.

There are many foods that are healthy but so untasty that we are scared to even taste it. You can forget about eating them.

That is why we are generally scared to start to eat healthily.

So, the biggest question is how can we exactly start to eat happy, which not only keeps our mind satisfied but also our body. 


There are many foods that make us happy instantly. and there are some foods that make us a little bit agitated even if we do not realize it.

We can take the common sugar high and lows for example. Or the effects of coffee as well.

At once you are all energized but you soon start to lose your energy.

This drastically affects our mood and we are left wondering about our sudden mood swings.

What are the ‘HAPPY FOODS’?

Happy foods are the foods that generally make us happy and healthy.



We all know that eggs have proteins but have we wandered how eggs can make us happy.

2.Dark chocolate

Have you ever experienced this you are sad and you have a bar of your favorite dark chocolate and you are happy all of a sudden? It’s amazing right?

dark chocolates are known to have certain elements that raise the endorphin levels in your blood which causes a sudden change of mood. That is why dark chocolates always make you happy.

3.Food that contains Probiotics


The scientists strongly believe that the bacteria found in the fermented foods like in yogurt can be responsible for making us happier. products like ice cream and yogurts can easily make our day and make us extremely happy and now we know why.



Beef is one of the most popular meat in America.  It is said to make its consumers happy and stress-free.





Grapes contain an element called resveratrol, which is an antioxidant. It boosts our mood and that is the secret behind the happiness that we feel while eating grapes.


Turnip is rich in many healthy ingredients. It helps us to stay away from many diseases .


Lemons are always refreshing and it also helps us in keeping us calm.


Mushroom is rich in vitamin D and has anti- depressant  qualities.



Bananas are rich in vitamin C which is a great stress buster.



These are the foods that you must eat in order to start living to eat haapy and healthy.



















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