Of the many aspects of our health, exercise is a necessary component. Nowadays, we live in a society where health awareness has grown. Eco-friendly solutions, solar panels, and organic products surround us. Even amidst an economic crisis, many people are still resorting to these practices in an effort to protect themselves – and the world they live in – from noxious synthetic products.

The same has happened with the way we treat our bodies. We’ve become more protective and self-conscious of the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Exercise has been around since…well…forever. Before, we used to work out our by bodies by simply doing daily chores. But at the pace we live at today, we need to make time to schedule our exercise sessions.

When looking at an endless list of responsibilities, working out can be the first to throw out the window if you’re short on time. Big mistake.

Research studies show that people who exercise have a tendency to be less affected by stress and anxiety. Exercise keeps our bodily functions active and keeps our metabolism going.

Working out also increases our overall level of happiness and it makes us look and feel healthy.

Physical activity keeps your mind clear. Running on a treadmill for 20-30 minutes, playing racquetball with a colleague, or playing with your kids for an hour are all types of exercise that will keep your mind off stressors. Instead, you’ll be focusing on a positive and pleasing aspect of your life.

In many cases, stress and anxiety will affect how well you sleep. With exercise, however, you force the body to calm the mind.

If your body feels tired and needs rest, it will take away from your brain’s energy. Remember, it’s the brain that begins the stress cycle. Even if you can’t control your mind to relax, rest assured knowing that as long as you exercise, your body will do it for you.

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