In times of stress, cortisol levels in the body peak in an attempt to counteract the sudden hormonal changes of a stress response.

Cortisol exists in the body as a critical hormone for the regulation of blood pressure and maintaining a healthy immune system. Cortisol also plays an important role in the production of glucose, regulating insulin.

The presence of cortisol is vital for the body’s relaxation response to be turned on. When stress levels are high, anxiety continuously haunts our lives, and this results in a condition called chronic stress or burnout.

When cortisol levels in the body remain high for long periods of time there is a high risk for the disease. The possible complications that could come from a prolonged exposure to the cortisol hormone include:

– High susceptibility to disease
– Weakening of muscles
– Fat accumulations around the
– Abdomen
– Reduced bone density
– Glucose fluctuations in the blood
– Increase in LDL cholesterol
– The decrease in HDL cholesterol
– Decreased cognition
– Hypertension
– Heart attack
– Stroke

It’s important to control levels of cortisol in the body to prevent the development of these conditions. In order to manage stress and its effects on your body, you can resort to many stress management methods. Stress reduction or stress relief involves a combination of good practices that encourage the upkeep of a healthy lifestyle.

Organization: Stress is about losing control and being unable to cope. Being organized allows you to be in control.

Balanced work: Work should be an important part of your life, but it shouldn’t take it over. Find time to do other gratifying things.

Communication: Talk it out. Bottled up feelings generate anger and stress.

Exercise: Exercise increases resilience to stress and fights the effects of it in our bodies.

Eating well: Essential for a healthy mind and body.

Relaxing: Finding time to relax is important to keeping a clear mind and regaining energy to face the day.

Socializing: Social life gives us a sense of belonging and a chance to relate and have fun.

Having fun: Laughter is the body’s best stress relief.

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